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We enjoy singing great songs in four-part harmony. Our repertoire ranges from traditional barbershop to pop. Bing, Beatles, Beach Boys, Jersey Boys, shanties, show tunes, doo wop – we’ll sing anything if it has a strong melody and beautiful harmonies!

The chorus and associated quartets perform regularly around Christchurch – with annual mid-year and Christmas shows, ANZAC Day performances and various public and private events.

Thinking of Joining?


Since early 2018, The Plainsmen Chorus has been in growth mode and we are keen to give more people the opportunity to join in the fun and congeniality of making unaccompanied song under our new musical director, Gavin Hurley. If you are considering joining  you are welcome to attend a rehearsal. We offer an opportunity to come and sing with the chorus, experience the joy of a capella close harmony singing and meet a wide range of supportive men who are united in harmony. Perhaps you have already had some singing experience, perhaps not. It doesn’t matter, because if you are keen to explore further you will be given some singing coaching. We meet most Mondays at The Methodist Church Hall, 3 Brake Street Upper Riccarton, at 7:15pm. 

If this is of interest to you, then please get in touch. You’ll be very welcome.

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Everyone in Harmony

Barbershop Harmony New Zealand National Convention  Palmerston North  23rd to 25th September 2022. We're delighted that all our quartets and both our Choruses have qualified to perform at our first convention since 2019 (thanks Covid!).

We are delighted and very grateful to Pub Charity Ltd. They have kindly provided us with a significant grant to enable members to attend Harmony Education in May. It's a wonderful opportunity for us and we thank Pub Charity for supporting us.



What an amazing night! Thanks to everyone who attended our Singing Through the Ages concert. A full house, a full programme and absolutely amazing performances. So exciting to see all the new young talent coming through - our youth chorus Quantum Acoustics will be a real force to be reckoned with. The Chapter has been reinvigorated by the presence of these fine young men.
Special thank you to our Musical Directors Gavin Hurley, Will Lynch and Sam Gordon. We hope we did you all proud - especially Sam as it was his last concert with us before relocating to Auckland Sam has been a huge influence on our organisation - his personal and musical leadership has been inspiring.
Our special guests The Vocal Network - current National Barbershop Quartet champions were again fantastic. Thanks. Aldersgate in Durham Street was an amazing venue - if you haven't seen it check it out.
Over the next few weeks we will be posting video of some of the performances - we don't want you have too much of a good thing at once 😀.
Finally thanks so much to our friends, families and supporters for all you do to encourage us to follow our passion - singing beautifully with great people. Keep an eye out for our next performances - we're growing in numbers and musically all the time. Exciting times ahead!
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  • Everyone in Harmony

    Sat, 20 Aug 2022
    A celebration of unaccompanied singing by the Choruses and Quartets of Harmony Waitaha ("The Plainsmen"). The concert features diverse groups of singers performing a wide range of music. We will ... more
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